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The Camera

A picture for old times’ sake, the girls chorused.

One pose after another, giggles and screams of girlish joy in between.

I just smiled behind the lens, in an age where it was no longer necessary to capture others’ joy without being included. In an age where a bevy of giddy, excited girls could just take a groupie.

What about me?

Months later, Pen scrolled down the page, reliving those moments of exhilaration and enjoyment. There I was, along with Celine and Sam, Starbucks in hand. Memories flooded back, of meetings at the weekend, of outings in the winter holidays, of shared worries and sorrows. Those were the days, just four of us against the rest of the world…Wait a minute. There were four of us. Always three in our photos.

Where was Lyddie?

Perhaps… it’s always been three, never four. That must have been the case, she concluded.

Written in response to the Creative Writing Ink Prompt Competition, 03/11/’16.