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Disclaimer/Trigger warning: This is a work of fiction based on true stories from those who witnessed the tragedy of May 13 1969. My sincere apologies if the perspective of this narrative is unfavorable to you, or has caused unwanted upset and sadness.

Paragraphs in quotation boxes are from true conversations with my teacher in the process of penning this piece.

Write a composition of about 350 words on the following topic:

Describe a disaster that you experienced.

Disaster? Are we all going to pen tsunamis and earthquakes?

It doesn’t have to be by hand of natural causes, but it has to be catastrophic, sky high body counts, losses amassed…

You want to see gore
You want to see tears pour
You want to see blood on our shores

I’ll let you have it.

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Last Midnight

Last midnight
I cycled through the night from north to south
To see the dream realised with my own eyes
That daylight will return to our shores tomorrow
They cried no misery no slavery no colour codes on the block
They cheered no poverty no hierarchy no differences on the block
They assured, hush, we walk on unshackled land
Be proud of where you stand
Keep freedom alive

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