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It has been past the 100 day mark for our new government, and the hype over GE14 has died down. Two days ago on National Day, Tun M was quoted as saying that this is a second independence for us…but what do you think?

You can cry Merdeka at the top of your lungs
And be a cold smouldering piece of ash when it comes to our rang rang undang
You can cheer on your favourite minister on the sidelines
But he is making the right deals at the frontlines?

We wanted C A T I, if you please
That means:



The hated man making his trips to MACC
But the hated man’s predecessors are still safe in the wings
Seemingly smiling trustable faces
With crinkling notes safely tucked away
In 20 years of national amnesia

is more than a Malaysian pronoun
and definitely one that you have used
when hurling stones at others’ faces
before thinking what would happen to our faces
for the defacing works both ways
one scarred for life, the other scoured for life

yes, have a cup
keep calm, this blunt pen was never a BN snub
just someone who is calmly awaiting change
for the better, mind, not middling muddles
for the ones who think deep now quiver
and the ones who don’t think now shiver

should be “we” when the nation is discussed
yet old cracks run deeper and new cracks form
old stories are told through new headlines
and overnight rice is cooked once more as a new delicacy
set aside the past and start the new
but with the pure hearts of our youth
not with the schemes of our age

You can cry Merdeka at the top of your lungs
and pay more attention to the newspapers you have flung
You can cheer for the home team on the sidelines
and help them win the game by being a sport

Talk less smile more
Smile less talk more
That is what a new Merdeka means for
the young
It’s time to stand up
be aware of the world around us
for we don’t get praises sung
for putting our hands up
allowing the world to take control of us

Dear reader,

Please share this on social media where I can’t reach😅
I usually don’t mind if my works don’t have an audience because I write to write, but this, like Last Midnight, has a personal message that I hope fellow Malaysians (and those interested) can see.




A learner and a mentor; A reader and a writer; In two worlds, two minds, two souls

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