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It’s another long weekend, nobody’s online. I guess everyone’s hitting the books but I need a little downtime. Just a bit of time out after what I’ve been through these few days and nights. Suddenly “It’s Quiet Uptown” from Hamilton plays in my mind, this tiny earbug slowly humming a lullaby, and I have the urge to write.

It’s cold outside tonight
It’s not the rain or sleet
nor the winds whipping up a storm
It’s just me

It’s raining tonight
I thought it was the storm inside
that was howling and wailing all night
Am I alright?

It’s quiet outside
Can you hear the storm raging inside?
Not in the teacup you’re holding
but in the eyes that you’re staring into now

All that aside
Did you try to guess where I was a few moments ago?
I told you I went to the restroom…
but I didn’t get any rest
If anything emotions had me in arrest

Did you see red swollen eyes
when I met you after the storm?
There was a whirlpool there tonight
There was a whirlpool yesterday night
There have been whirlpools
Flushing everything out
from the gallons of water in summer
to the caskets of tea in the cold alone
to the coffees of relentless working overtime
and the drinks…
you know what I mean
But I never got drunk

I taste it all once again
The pale sweetness of purified rain
The calm yellow chamomile and a Duke Ellington strain
The bitter hot roasts as the fire crackles
Crackling of old drafts and new drafts gone
oh and the sparkling of passion for the looms in my mind
that made me drunk…
that made the rain fall

It’s cold outside tonight
That’s what I thought
But the cold was inside
Blocks of ice and nitrogen galore

It’s raining tonight
I can hear the howling trees outside
I wonder who started the fight
I wonder who got hurt in fright

and it’s raining inside



A learner and a mentor; A reader and a writer; In two worlds, two minds, two souls

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