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Watery Memories

Watery Memories…

While going through my files, I realised that the Watery Memories I had posted previously was the first draft and not the final version that I submitted to Reader’s Digest back in 2014. So… here is the version that I submitted 🙂

The sky pelted down bullets of acid again. The watery memories flooded back to her. Months, running through muddy fields. Torturous hours, screaming to be heard over the sound of rainfall. That evening… under the umbrella, smouldering flames, rekindled. Endless nights following harsh orders, sleep relinquished. Endless days in thunderstorms… unsheltered, shivering in the cold. The wind callously stinging her face, raindrops engulfing her, chilling her bones. Suddenly, a call… It was Poker Face. “You got your way.” Just that. She shrieked wildly over the howling wind. Laughing? Crying? Her emotions were mixed… but inside, the watery memories slowly subsided.

If you’re interested in checking out the original Watery Memories, click here.



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